A matter of faith, yes! this must be as I don’t understand,

Many tales of bad things happening all over this great world.

Although there is much suffering everywhere, I never blame God,

Fore many things are the cause of man, piece by piece the world crumbles.

A story of a man I recall many years ago from a town, Yorba Linda,

He was the reverend of a church, the Moravian Church across from school.

Cared about people, loyalty to this church and his family, a loving man,

Never a bad deed, throughout life always a helping hand, I remember him.

I have been told of his days now, living with Parkinson’s Disease, he lives,

I don’t understand why a man such as this, devoted to doing good was given this.

A man of God, this is not that which he deserves, for a reason I suppose, God knows,

I don’t understand why some things should be for the wrong man, I don’t understand.

Keith Garrett



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