I wish I could have seen you when I called you up today,

But I was in a hurry and I had to rush away.

I had to catch a certain train to keep a special date,

And I could offer no excuse if I arrived there late.

I wish I could have been with you if only for a while,

To hold your hand, to touch your lips, and see your sunny smile.

But there will be another time when we can be alone,

And I can tell you how I long to have you for my own.

So please be patient, dearest one and put your trust in me,

And someday I shall be your own for all eternity.

I try to add up all the joys that I have known with you,

And though I add a thousand times, the count is never true.

There is no number great enough or one that could come near,

The total of the smiles that you have given me, my dear.

My every happiness is one according to yo your smile,

And every smile has been an inch along my every mile.

Each little message from the heart, in every song and sign,

Has been a brighter dream for me, to keep my spirit high.

I could not stand to count them all, but every day and year,

I want you more than ever and I love you and thank you, dear.

Leon Russell Garrett

My father



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