I remember you back then, back when we were young,

Corduroy pants, a t shirt, gliding by on a skateboard, a smile.

A school dance, the who singing squeezebox, you did dance my friend,

A skateboard awaits you, you will dance for eternity, a friend is waiting.

Carey, you had a life, a childhood with friends, roaming the streets of Yorba,

The streets will remain as you have drifted and gone away, you are always.

You wandered the world through the years, life brought smiles and tears,

We were all once thirteen, not a care or worry as we dreamed of what we would be.

A wife, family, you accomplished so much in such a short earthly existence,

A boy once playing little league, a ghost that now walks the never ending streets.

I will always remember you Carey as that boy who walked in a Yorba Linda dream,

Until we meet again Carey William Thomas, may God welcome you into a beautiful, heavenly scene.

I’ll see you again my friend,

Keith Garrett

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