How would it be, what are your thoughts if no one could see,

Lights are on, the nights are dark, what’s the difference without sight.

There would be no color except that of black, Imagination was all you had,

How could you be a racist if your eyes were always closed, who would know?

If no one could see would the world be a better place for all to be,

We could learn to walk in peace, we would never have had to read.

We could speak and have much still to complain about,

We would not see what horror lives beyond our reach.

If no one could see then the beauty that lives would be a mystery,

There are several thoughts to these questions that I seek, tell me what you believe.

Keith Garrett


8 thoughts on “IF NO ONE COULD SEE

  1. I’ve long held the notion that being blind would make us have to judge others purely on their behavior. Also, the clothes and make-up industry would be rather non-existent. And sadly, the beauty of visual expression wouldn’t exist either.

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