I once saw children as I was a child, I hear them now,

The sounds from their voices are heard through my life.

It was so long ago and yet not that far away as I sit and think,

Those friends, all the little boys, and girls are scattered everywhere.

I still am me, inside and all that I am remains here, thinking and living,

A constant cycle as I was a boy and saw around me the older ones that walked.

Teenagers, parents of friends that grew older as soon I and you would get older too,

I now have children and nephews who are older than I once was as a child.

Older now am I than a father who once played with me as a young boy,

I’m getting older too, as we travel the world, as time moves along,

Could it be in the scheme of things that I again know you and you know me,

Maybe we don’t realize this because we don’t remember one another’s names.

Keith Garrett


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