Walk up and down the street, see their faces of grief,

So many expressions of life and what the day brings.

Wondering at times as passing them by, I can try,

To catch their eyes staring back, I give a smile.

Some give nothing back as they stroll quickly along,

Is contagious a smile, passed on from person to person,

If so, to the world let this be forever known.

Keith Garrett

2 thoughts on “IS CONTAGIOUS A SMILE

  1. I dislike this tendency also. As a high school graduate I visited my sister in New York City. She was appalled that I both spoke to people and smiled and I would venture that in several hours only one person returned the smile. Her reasoning was that strangers would assume we were after them or they would turn around and follow us. I decided then that I never wanted to live in that city. There is so much hate in this world. It is a shame. Have a good weekend!

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