A father and mother not seen for such a long while,

He a son with a family now of his own, a message from home.

Not one last time would he see his mother, a goodbye with tears,

A train ride, long it would be back home to the big woods.

A challenge it would be to make a father say goodbye to a love,

Together again, father and son on a journey back to be with family.

A grandfather who would one last time see a son and say a goodbye,

He didn’t belong in this place where they wanted him to be, not he.

It was time to go home, back to the big woods where the trees grew tall,

Goodbye is said from a grandpa to a child, a granddaughter would cry,

It was time to go home where he could spend the rest of his days and be

Forever together with a wife, his journey too where she would be.

Keith Garrett


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