My quest for peace should be an easily obtained request,

I am one whom may be of anger but is not of violence.

Ask only do I to be left alone when so desired,

If not left alone as I’ve asked then on the defense I am.

When walking then I am on the move in my own space,

To be stopped, detained without respect or decency

Will be a warning of much dislike.

When quiet and of no threat, it is that I am called unfriendly,

These words spoken from lips of those of ignorance and judgment.

There are two faces, two different sides to the world,

To be judged and jailed does not have to mean of guilt.

False sentences, deception, motives of one’s dark side,

This can be a prison without walls or a locked door.

There’s an invisible jury, one that can not be seen,

It lives among us each day, why does it not go away.

My quest for peace has been long searched for,

It lives within me as my walls are built brick, by brick,

I am the guard, I hold the key, nothing can take this from me.

Keith Garrett


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