Always imagined did I a thought that I might be the last,

I would one morning awake to walk outside and not another.

My days would be as I describe, last one on the earth,

I wake up on this morning, I hear the birds outside my window.

Go about my daily rituals but something is different, find out soon,

Outside it’s unusually quiet, not the sound of a bus at the corner.

Children no more are on their way to school, cars are not heard,

A panic comes over me as I walk the street, over to the park.

Not a soul in sight, a little fright, did something happen during the night,

Stores empty, not a sound from the world, birds in the trees, all I see.

Last one on earth, this I must be, everything has stopped except for me,

Last one on earth, would I be free or a lonely prisoner in my own reality.?

Keith Garrett


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