It started In September nineteen sixty nine, I remember I was seven,

When It appeared on television I recall thinking why are there nine

Boxes with people In them staring all around, up and down, over forty years.

The peppermint trolley company singing, here’s the story of a lovely lady,

Ending with that’s the way we became the Brady bunch, If you were a kid then.

Later the kids singing and of course growing and changing with the years,

I remembering wishing I was In that family, going to bed after watching It when

I was young, hoping I would have a dream about the show as I drifted off to sleep.

I had only one dream as I was a bit older, the kids from the show were walking on

My street In Yorba Linda on their way to my house, I thought It was real until I awoke.

It was and still Is a show that can take away your worries for just a short time,

Their problems were almost fun, If I could only have Greg’s problems for the year.

Their worst days were my best, the house was always so peaceful no matter the chaos,

Alice the housekeeper was pretty comical as you would never see this In a maid.

She was like family as she was Involved In their everyday world, she went on trips,

If she was hurt or sick then the family took care of her just like everyone else.

I remember the very first Brady Bunch show when Mike and Carol were getting Married,

They were all so young Just as I was, the day It all began, a dog named Tiger, a cat, fluffy.

Now they were one family from two, the boys’ mother had died, nothing said about the girls’ father,

Fluffy was gone with the blink of an eye, tiger was with them for a while, nothing said about where he went.

Never another word about the boy’s mom or the girls’ father throughout the series, now the Brady bunch,

I believe the last time together was Greg’s graduation, later on, the kids would come home to again.

Many adventures for the Brady’s, their first fishing trip together as a family, the Grand Canyon,

Hawaii was a great three part show that I’ll always remember, there was the Cincinnati, Amusement park trip.

The Brady Bunch never stops, It Is televised In many parts of the world, never out of syndication,

The cast of the Brady bunch was close then and over forty years they are as a real family, amazing and a gift.

I don’t think there was another show ever made like the Brady bunch, through decades children whom

have grown Into adults that watched them when they started still watch, new generations of children watch.

If you say the phrase the Brady bunch whether or not you are a fan It’s almost certain most people know

whom you are speaking about, It may not be the greatest show but It Is the greatest known show there Is.

The Brady bunch with Mike, Carol, Alice, Greg, Marcia, Peter, Jan, Bobby, and Cindy Is a show never forgotten.

I remember when Cousin Oliver joined the show, I thought he was a funny, adorable, kid who needed something.

He felt like he didn’t belong as he just wanted everyone to like him, He, Bobby, and Cindy had much mischief to

get into. It was a short stay for Oliver as the show had ended in nineteen seventy four

As I still watch them today I can remember many years ago when I was at the age of seven, the beginning of the Brady Bunch.

The Brady Bunch, wherever you are thanks for a most warm hearted show, beginning and ending more than forty years ago.

Keith Garrett


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