I’ve been here before, in a deep struggle to figure things out,

Feeling as though I’m drowning, up to my chin, the water rises.

I look for someone to reach out and grab hold of my hand,

There’s nobody there, I’ll have to make it on my own, pull myself out.

Shout!, shout out loud but I’m the only soul who can hear,

Help is so very far away, fear is around to keep me company.

Lost in trouble, alone, so much alone, take me home,

When the answer’s unclear, loneliness seems to be an unwanted visitor.

I’ll lift this body of a man up and bellow to those who will listen,

Stop me you will not, in me a great source of power.

I’m feeling lost, an unwanted burden covers me, I’m troubled,

Watch as I rise and conquer the gift of a challenge.

Keith Garrett

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