I remember it well, the year was nineteen seventy two, Summer was coming.

My family and I had just moved to Yorba Linda, beautiful hills all around.

Not like most schools that are surrounded by crowded streets and boulevards.

This is a school that rests on a hill within only a neighborhood of houses and streets.

Peaceful as there were never any loud sirens, honking cars, or so much commotion.

Nineteen seventy two, were you there, do you remember things of the day?

Nothing can ever be the same as those days when we played at that school on the hill.

Who has a favorite song, a show, or a friend that rests in your thoughts from so long ago?

I watched as Mike Adams played basketball with Mr. Lorge and Mr. Perkins, yesterday,

Think do I about Ken Darcy and Brad Reese walking through the hall, where have they gone?

Hello! Bryan Martin as we played one on one before the setting sun so many years ago,

I watched the silly games that girls would play back before we were a young thirteen.

Diane Laberge, Mary Jane King, you were as young as a new Summer breeze,

There were many of you, I wonder what it is today that you do, tell me, where are you?

I watched as Mike Ludwig and Londa Tapia were two full of smiles and happiness,

We ran across the field at recess, Tim Tapia, where are you now? I watched you run.

My friend Bryan Martin, We played Basketball, one on one, school on the hill, we were one,

Glen Knoll was home to many, those were the days when we could run with the sun,

Do you remember Nation Ball, Dodgeball, Kickball, and when your time at this school was done?

We used to sit under a tree, my friends and me, today that tree is bigger than we used to be,

I remember when girls once played games on the stairs, a tune you would hear in the air.

There remain now ghosts and shadows from a long time ago, time has scattered us all,

They still run, children under the sun at a school on the hill, we all were there.

Who recalls fitness week back in the sixth grade, nineteen seventy three, seventy four?

Donna Esposito did very well in the standing long jump, Brad Gribble and three hundred

Situps back when life was a different way, I remember what many of you would say,

Some had left this world too early, others just yesterday, school on the hill is where we did play.

To all those who went there in the early seventies.

Keith Garrett


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