You drift backward as I move forward in time,

Existed for but a moment in this world of mine.

You were so very real, more than a memory,

Our distance will come together, again we will meet,

A smile on your face, you meant so much to me.

More than a memory, personality, heart, and soul,

You once walked this land, my father from a moment ago.

Keith Garrett

4 thoughts on “MORE THAN A MEMORY

  1. I enjoyed this short piece! I used to write poetry as a kid. All very sad and lonely doomed teenager stuff. I have just reconnected with poetry during another time of great change in my life, and wrote “Alice” and “The Editors”and a couple more that need some work. Thank you for reading “Heavy Letters” I was pretty dehydrated that day… It gets pretty hot where I work. I’m trying to set this website up and I really wish one of my sons could be here. It seems I spend more time learning how to use the laptop than actually writing!
    Kristen Barney

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