The world that I’ve known has been left behind, not much left,

Destroyed by men who lead countries, those of great ignorance.

They all wanted to rule the world, well! there’s little now to rule,

The mighty dollar is worth not much at this point in time, listen why.

We as humans took for granted a world, a life given by God, we gave up,

Technology and discovery would be of value if it was used for good and right.

We abused it, bombs and chemicals were created for power, us against them,

Our world was being poisoned long before these weapons of mass destruction were born.

Animals being poisoned with substances that would cause an epidemic of illness,

My home in a cave is now my only peace, Back to basics, back to where we once were.

I have only that which is needed to barely survive in this new world created by man,

There has not been a soul seen by me at this time, I’m in charge now, I make decisions.

Starting over doing the right things is where I need to begin, my home in a cave, a fire is made.

Keith Garrett

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