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If you had just believed me, dear, that day so long ago,

If you had listened to me when we wandered thru the snow.

It might have been a brighter and better life for you,

And maybe, dear, I could have made your cherished dreams come true.

Of course, I know it could have been the other way around,

And maybe what you wanted then you never would have found.

But maybe, on the other hand, the things you wanted then,

We’re not the ones you should have had or you would seek again.

And there is just no way today to know what joy you miss,

But, O’ I wish your lips had been the only ones I kissed.

Each time I write you, darling I pen what lips can’t say,

For you are in my heart, dear although you’re far away.

My words carry a meaning that love alone can tell,

They send you newborn faith and hope and always wish you well.

They say that I am lonely but that I’ll wait for you,

Because I know beyond all else our love is good and true.

They send a prayer to keep you safe and bring you home to me,

So we can share the years ahead and paradise we’ll see.

Yes, dearest, in each line I write go pieces of my heart,


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