I walk alone, I see the sunrise to a new day, will there be every day,

Love is an amazing and wonderful gift for two to share, to experience.

I want to see the next sunrise, see the shadows on the mountain,

I want to feel the wind against my face just one more time.

I want to hear a song about the beauty of the world, once more,

I want to love, I want to live just a little while longer.

I want to see your smiling face under a starry night sky,

A walk for two, please to the only one I love, walk with me.

I want to feel the touch of your hand holding mine,

Not enough time to wait, everything with you, only you.

I want to dream of you even if dreams won’t come true,

I want to hear about your dreams as the day is through.

Walk with me along the water,

When I blew out a possible last candle, a wish to come true.

Keith Garrett


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