I’ve been lost in a far off land, baby, baby, where will i stand,

Away from you is not so fine, where’s my home, this i can’not find.

Listen to me darling and understand, i feel lonely without your hand,

Sweet little angel do you know, i love you, love you, where did you go.?

I found a place for you and me, far away from the lonely streets,

Remember my face from days gone by, do you understand why i cry.?

I wonder if you can hear this voice, the sound will echo through the night,

You are the one and you know who i am, under the stars, here i stand.

You gave me love and now i’ve lost my mind, i write you stories from inside,

A voice in my head and your pretty smile, dance with me darling for just awhile.

I dream that this is a song for you, dream with me baby, dream it’s true,

Dream with me, this is a song for you.

Keith Garrett

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