At times is it that I don’t quite understand,

Do I hear the words spoken but perhaps do not listen?

Maybe I don’t sometimes see although I possess sight,

Do you think inside of me the anger lives much too long?

Am I missing a piece of happiness that is so close, I can not see,

My mind is always spinning, I seem to have not much peace.

I watch the world from where I am and don’t like what I see,

I cannot change all that is bad but I can change some things in me.

Oh my god!, I do believe you know the answers to what I have thought,

I do believe from long ago that you knew where our world was heading.

You gave free will, we have a choice but mankind has taken for granted,

The beauty and gift of this life, is it too late for all to change what’s damaged.

Keith Garrett

3 thoughts on “OH MY GOD!

  1. Indeed, is it too late? Can we change how we think, how we act, how we react to others of different races, different levels of intelligence, different anything? Can we do it? At this point, do we want to change? I think that is key to everything. Do we have the will to change, to be better, to be more compassionate, to be more as one of the greatest sages of this world commanded us. Whether we believe in God or not, can we follow in the footsteps of Jesus? Can we?

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