My heart beats’, Each breath taken Is a breath to be not taken for granted,

The blood runs’ through my veins’ as every moment Is a moment I’ll see.

There’s a fragrance of herbs’ In the garden, life lives around me, darling,

The wind Is felt upon my face as I watch the sun move across the open sky.

Something lost and something gained as another day slips away,

Never knowing what to expect from another morning born, I’m alive!.

The air we take In Isn’t for free, the price we pay to live In Gods’ mystery,

Love holds’ no promises, love comes to stay and love drifts away, I’m alive.

We are the fortunate ones’ If the chance Is for us to laugh or cry one more time,

share a kiss, a hug, take that last walk with a love along the ocean shore, once more.

I’d just like to say I’m alive!, “yes darling” every day I’m alive!.

Keith Garrett


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