Has it been since time began, did you in fact create time,

Where do you come from Lord, creator of heaven and earth?

Such a mystery you are as for each humans lifetime you are a wonder,

There are many questions and some try to answer but yet all remain in thought.

Do you have a look, the thoughts you must think as forever you have been,

So! tell me, god, what were you thinking when you decided to create the universe.?

How far does it go fore only you know, does life exist elsewhere beyond what we know,

The stars in the sky are millions and bright, was there a purpose or but a beautiful sight.?

You set the planets for reasons forever explored, positioned them well, each one so special,

Everything moves a certain way, rotating always as time for us all slowly slips away.

So! tell me god, when you created the earth were we suppose to be your only living creation,

Are you sad and disappointed at the way we behave, war and destruction, do they make you cry.?

Keith Garrett


4 thoughts on “SO TELL ME GOD

  1. Ah Keith, I do believe in God, but as the source rather than imbued with any personalization. Giving God a personality, a persona if you will, is simply a way in which countless people through the ages have attempted to understand a concept they cannot truly comprehend. I believe he planted the seeds of life and allowed natural selection and evolution to handle the rest. Is God sad? Disappointed? Who knows? I think of God/Nature as too immense for human definition.

  2. I think it’s good to question, even to question God, even if you choose to believe He exists.

    I choose to believe and trust that He is sovereign over all and has a purpose in everything, in His eternal perspective, though in our limited view we are often blind to it.

    Thank you for sharing, and questioning 🙂

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