Excuse me kind sir! could you please tell me which way to heaven,?

I have spent almost a lifetime In search of, wondering where It might be.

I just like you do not know where It might be although I have thoughts of wonder,

I believe It begins with the heart Inside and which road It Is that you travel.

But sir, I do have a kind heart but what do you mean by the road In which I travel,

Are there clues that I haven’t seen, Am I missing something on my journey.

Your road, the path that you choose, the way your life Is lived, are you a believer,?

You don’t need clues but you are missing something on your journey, look Inside.

Kind sir!, thank you for your time, but I did not get your name as we came upon each other,

I had my name and you will learn to follow the same road I once did, see you In heaven.

Keith Garrett

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