Such a long time ago now, at times I see yesterday,

The Summer of ’76, the eighth for me was now a memory.

I can still recall the last day of school at Bernardo Yorba Junior High,

The signing of yearbooks, celebration with friends as life would again change.

Do you remember as I do, a song playing on the loudspeaker? school’
s out!

Said goodbye to some favorite teacher’s, Mr. Pope, Mrs. McAfee, I’ll see you again.

We saw one another on these Summer days, a piece of us would forever change,

The Summer of ’76 was full of time with friends, hot days, swimming pools were best.

The hills were alive, time has taken much of their beauty away,

We laughed together, a part of us lives forever in our yesterday.

That was one of the best Summers, between eighth and ninth grade,

Plenty of hot days, down to Newport beach where the water and music were ours.

Whether it was an Ice cream, pizza, or a trip to the mall, we had it all,

Where was your favorite hangout spot? do you travel there in your minds,

There was a moment, a special place, the Summer of ’76 until it faded away.

I walked with friends down many a street, we were young, smiles of the day,

In the hills, mischief was our friend as we wandered where hills are no more.

Our faces met near a pinball machine, a store full of records, an outpost of jeans,

At times we walked hand in hand, boys, and girls we were at the age of fourteen.

It was the Summer of possibilities, dreams, and endless at the beach scenes,

Some have disappeared, others gone away, over forty years ago, a Summer of endless days.

Keith Garrett


11 thoughts on “SUMMER OF ’76

  1. Those were the days my friend! My son turned one. I loved all your lines, but this one stood oout to me – ” the water and music were ours”. Sumemr days and nights on the beach when we were young.Unforgettable memories. Thanks for the wonderful reminders Keith. 😊

  2. Wonderful memories Keith. I am a bit ahead of you, graduated in ’74.

    You and I have both been thinking and writing about school memories. I have been crafting a poem as well.

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