She lived near the shore of a beautiful lake surrounded by hills,

Her small house was nicely built many years before, she was young.

Once married as now this old woman is mostly alone in her happy home,

She is known as a scary, mean, old woman who by rumors would eat children.

In this massive and peaceful lake lived a giant serpent that wanders the water,

Scared by those who have never seen before but the stories have grown with years.

Where it came from is but a mystery, it has lived here for years, once young as today old,

The old woman and the serpent have much in common as they have shared this place.

Never have they know each other but only of one another as they kept the peace for years,

One late afternoon as the sun was setting and the old woman was gathering wood for fire,

The serpent came upon the shore, speaking in such a manner his words to her were this.

I thought you were mean and scary just as all the rest do, you are an old woman of peace,

The old woman replied back, just as I was afraid of you, a terrible old serpent that kills.

The day arrived when the townspeople came to torment the old woman and destroy the serpent,

The serpent spoke, she is but an old woman of kindness, a life lived has she, leave her now in peace,

In return the old woman replied, leave this aging serpent to wander the water, together we are free.

Keith Garrett



  1. Beautiful….. I wonder why most of the people believe in rumours…..
    Another aspect showed that when we try to know others, we become familiar with their good side

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