Run and run until the day was done, fun in the sun,

Not a care, chasing butterflies within the wind.

A book that’s numbered beginning with one until it’s done,

I played in the sun, playing and laughing with children no more.

A child with an adult that would one day find a way out,

Child within, the older we get always seeking a part we once were.

Our faces do change, lines appear in the light, older by night,

Hair turns color as the seasons turn into years, eyes show more.

One less fear, a new one is here, another tear, dried with the years,

I see where I’ve been, we all walk our ongoing road, we have a child within.

Keith Garrett

7 thoughts on “CHILD WITHIN

  1. I think that you should change your blog to “man of ‘other peoples’ thoughts”
    I work hard to write ‘unique’ posts.
    You have followed my topic prompts many times now, and that would be okay, if you have acknowledged me, as would be respectful and ethical.
    I have seen other people comment on your posts in this same way. have you considered rethinking your “OWN” thoughts.

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