Their Is a place, It takes a lot to get there, a search everyone must make,

There’s a place, It might be so far from where you stand or closer than thought.

A place where dreams are made rests deep Inside the heart, desire to succeed,

They are made with hard work and sacrifice, up late Into the night, weary eyes.

Running every morning before the sunrise catches up with you, make that dream come true,

Climbing the mountain until the pain disappears Into a numbing nightmare of fight.

Rowing across the channel against the ferocious water, It’s up to you to make It back to shore,

You can do It!, this Is a place where dreams are made, battle through what tries your mind.

Through the jungle you make you way, nothing stops a man whom dreams of a better place,

Don’t give up, say this to yourself as you struggle for that fifty, fifty chance to make It a dream.

You are the men, the women who run when the bell rings, sirens take you beyond the danger,

Remember, It was all of you who passed the test so that a life may be saved, you had a dream.

Do you carry a gun,? a badge worn every day from sun till sun, this was your dream, my friend,

To win each day Is to go home and walk through that door with a kiss for a family, you survived,

A place where dreams are made, Inside the human soul, the spirit of those who never choose to lose.

Keith Garrett


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