My challenge this day, a trek across the always dangerous desert,

Pack my things, just myself and a backpack complete with all I need.

Dressed In jeans, hiking boots, long sleeved shirt, and hat I am ready,

Early morning as the rising sun stares down upon me, time to move.

Such a feeling to seem alone In the world step by step through the quiet

Morning while nature does its own thing, I am watched as I walk.

Across the desert, I travel with a breeze swirling around what surrounds,

The heat of the day has not yet arrived as I continue my quest through the desert land.

So much beautiful and unusual plant life, animals seen from a distance,

The sun Is moving, day Is disappearing with shadows forming upon this land.

I’ll soon make camp with the animals of the night, a fire so bright, warm with light,

When the morning comes then I will continue my journey until I am done,

Across the desert, I travel.

Keith Garrett


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