Jump into my car, the motor is running,

The morning sun is shining on this beautiful black machine.

I’ve put the top down, we’re gonna drive, just drive,

Feel the wind blowing through your hair, music in our ears.

Let’s head for the coast, we’ll drive along the ocean shore,

Miles, and miles of open road, watch as the waves touch the sandy beach.

Let’s drive far, we have all the time we desire,

Through the hills of green grass, we’ll drive the country roads,

For miles there’s only you and me, drive! just drive.

Nothing but beauty is seen as we head for anywhere,

High into the mountains is where our day takes us.

Almost to the sky, we can see everything from where we drive,

We drive into the night, we drive, just drive.

Keith Garrett


4 thoughts on “DRIVE! JUST DRIVE

  1. If you’re going to drive with the top down, there’s no better place than going down P.C.H. during the summer in Malibu 🙂

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