Freedom of speech, the words, phrase, and the meaning are not clear,

It Is our right we are told that speak we may In public our own way.

There Is no such thing as saying what you’re thinking out loud In the streets,

They say that It’s your right but you better be careful of what you are saying.

How much freedom of speech do we really have, I do know not that much,

I had my Attorney tell me about freedom of speech, that anyone can say what they want.

There is no freedom of speech In the workplace, try It and see what happens,

Management can not call you names, sing songs over the radio about you and your problems.

They can not make fun with a tune about the tragedy’s Of your life In front of customers,

Stress and harassment are the words that come to mind, Ignore them Is not an option.

There may be freedom of speech to a point but there Is something called rights,

People are killed depending on how they choose to use their speech, there are rules.

Watch what you speak as there are those with the power to make you go away,

Freedom of speech is a right, there are consequences when not done the way some

Want, watch what you say, freedom of speech holds a high price today.

Keith Garrett


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