Life is lived to its fullest having friends who last a lifetime

The people you meet along the street, throughout school and beyond.

Co- workers known for such a long while, do you make them laugh and smile,

What mark, what lasting Impression will you leave upon the world.

Will there be those who will really care enough to be there for those moments,

We always hope that family is the most important of all from beginning to end.

The sad fact being that a lifetime can add scars and create a wedge between,

At times family and friends may, unfortunately, drift apart and not return.

Sometimes we do make amends before in our lives too late it is,

That’s not always the reality of things as regrets are for everyone.

If it’s not too late then visit, call on the phone, don’t die alone,

This is not the way you should go away, not a send off for you,

Funeral for one is not much love shown for anyone.

Keith Garrett


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