She was born In nineteen twenty eight, a star she would soon be,

This golden haired little girl with a pout that could melt anyone’s heart.

She would sing and dance shaking her golden curls all about,

A beautiful little child, a star growing up back in the thirties.

There has never been a child star like her and never will be again,

Her smile would light up any room, she lived in a time of depression.

World war two was closing In but her movies could take away the struggles

Of everyone’s pain from those days, you could go away If only for a moment.

What a life for a girl named Shirley, so young when the whole world knew her,

In a time of great entertainers, a changing world, Shirley Temple was around.

She grew up to be a woman but the little girl would go on to live forever,

Her movies will never go away so she will live in our hearts always.

Here’s to you golden haired little girl, In heaven, you’ll be again that little girl.

Keith Garrett


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