It stands above, from the road it is large and quietly mysterious,

Never seen is a person or people but lives there is certainly someone.

An old but beautiful, made of brick and wood house that rests on a hill,

The iron gate that surrounds it says to stay away, its beauty is always.

Appears that this old house on the hill is empty and lonely, from the outside,

There runs water down the side of the house into a lake that shines in the sun.

One can only imagine the appearance of the inside as over the years who did see,

The fact remains that somebody does live in such a place as this, a person not seen.

Why would one so desire to hide from the world or do they simply wish to be left alone,

The mysterious, quiet, house on the hill has stood for many generations as told,

Years of family perhaps at one time were known, what’s inside, a book of stories old.

Keith Garrett

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