Not of perfection, there are weaknesses that lie in my being,

Mistakes are many as I live every day in a sin filled world.

I have judged although I wish not to be judged,

In the mirror, I know of a different me, I see words of mine in my mind.

Sometimes opinions are blasted out with an echo,

Thoughts that are wished when it’s too late to keep secret inside.

Failure may happen but how can a man fail if he tries,

I listen as at times I do not hear what’s been spoken.

I stand here only a man created of flesh and blood,

A heart and soul that also in it exists good and I guess a little sin.

I am a man who understands right from wrong and will admit,

I have the strength and wisdom to go on and become a better me.

No struggle is greater than the desire in me to conquer what takes from me,

I do not know what each day offers me, I stand on my feet, getting older,

Pain visits my body as the sun rises in the early morning.

Faith and hope, the love of family, friends, and life, every breath

Keep the light bright, the fire burning, power from him walk with me.

Keith Garrett


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