A dream, a mystery, for me has not been seen,

A child just born to this world, I have learned.

A descendant, a great grandchild to my Father, mother,

A young child so new, I heard you’re a little boy, I heard.

Not your name can I say, I don’t know you, no name given to me,

A grandchild, not for me to see, a daughter so bitter, sorry.

I say to you Grandchild, I am Grandfather with a name,

One day you will understand, anger and a grudge will haunt your land.

Keith Garrett

15 thoughts on “GRANDCHILD

  1. Congrats (as bittersweet as it is). Hopefully one day relations will smooth and you will be able to meet this sweet little boy. I could say a lot of trite things to make it seem better but the best I can tell you is that if you are kept away eventually your grandson will come looking or I hope. Had a similar situation with my brother. His oldest daughter was kept from him until she turned 18 and then she showed up on doorstep (or in our day and age FB) Your poem is beautifully written and I teared up reading it. Your emotions are very poignant.

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