It was a warm Summers night when last you were seen,

Disappeared did you into the quiet darkness, but where.?

No understanding to my mind as why this could be,

Was there something wrong, what bothered your heart.?

I will find you, walk the open roads to anywhere,

Climb up high into the hills beyond the height of the trees.

Into the dark forest, fear will not weaken me,

Town after town I will search forever for thee.

Across lakes of many, I will travel, I will find you,

Know that from dawn till dusk focus is in me.

Your trail is followed, the reasons for your departure are such a mystery,

I will find you, the truth shall be known.

Whether it be of force or a thought of your own.

I am known to you as you are to me,

I will find you, this will be.

Keith Garrett

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