From the middle sixties the doors were made,

Four long haired boys from Venice would show the way they could play.

The voice of this band with a moaning pain to his sound,

Was a genius as he sang the poetry that came from within.

A noise that groans from the instrument that he played,

The groups guitarist, still here today.

Great on the Organ, he played with a wail,

Back from a time when music was wild,

Ray Manzarek in heaven, back together with Jim.

Steady on the drums with a beat that goes on,

Their drummer was he, not yet has he gone.

Roaring out his songs with the magic of their music,

Dance on fire, break on through is what this man would say to you.

He sang his poetry with an unknown rage,

Intense and highly emotional is the impression he made.

A place once visited by this poet some use to know,

Many years from here, the whisky- a- Go-Go.

I won’t be around forever he would say,

Jim left the planet on a warm Summer day.

Jim Morrison, Robby Krieger, Ray Manzarek, John Densmore.

By Keith Garrett


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