I see you from here, from where It Is that I stand, soaring,

Wings spread far as you are the eyes In the sky, do you see.?

Yes! from these eyes down upon the world I do see, watching,

I soar with the wind as In heaven I do soar with all things.

Are you the master of man, these questions from my lips,

Master of the sky, please tell this seeking man why we must die.?

The thoughts In your mind are known by me, listen to your beliefs,

Why Is It you think you must die, In heaven I give you eternal life.

I fear that death will take me and I’ll be forever lost, so alone,

Although I believe, how Is It that this mortal man might really know.?

Do you believe In heaven as the bible and lessons taught,

Do you believe In the lord and all that’s been created.?

I do believe, I know that I’m a child of god created by mother and father,

I know that you, Master of the sky will one day take me home to stay.

Put away your doubts, let go of your pain and sorrow, give them to me,

I am the master of the sky, creator of all that you know and more.

Have faith fore It will comfort you, trust In me, be at peace.

Keith Garrett

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