Going out In style, everyone has their moment, their time to shine,

Running and dancing, climbing hills, riding skateboards In our youth.

Not to say that one can’t live or enjoy all these things In our later lives,

No matter the exercise or the love of that which we do we will slow down.

The basketball star moves with energy and vitality along the open floor,

He passes the torch and says goodbye and moves on to a different day.

He throws the football to the cheers of the fan, for many years a star,

He sets the ball upon the ground then walks from the stadium to a hall of fame.

Swing the bat, a baseball hero plays for many seasons of Springs and Summer days,
When the cheers are no more his bat Is headed for a place called Cooper’s town U. S. A.

Nothing Is less or more important for one person than It Is for another, we all see the setting sun,

For whatever we do the day will come when we all will ride off into the sunset, we lived.

Keith Garrett

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