You did not see paint on his face, he wore no funny hat,

No big red nose or big floppy feet, no funny costume, he was a man.

Not a clown as a clown might seem to be, his appearance just as you and me,

Always a smile on the outside for you and me, he made us all laugh, tears we didn’t see.

He was Robin, he had quite a life yes indeed, that which hurt his soul none of us could see.

I wish I could have known him, how fortunate his friends and family were to have loved,

He was once a boy, he ran and played just as all children do, his name would become legend,

Robin Williams the person, sadness inside a clown, why did this have to happen to you.

Keith Garrett



  1. Oh Robin. Why did you have to fly away from us? Why couldn’t we see that you made us laugh, while we never saw how hurt you were? And why does life get taken early from the biggest people.

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