What have I heard, the wind blowing through the trees,

A dog barking many times in my ear.

High in the sky, I’ve heard planes soaring by,

As a boy, the voice of a person reading to me, a story.

The voices of many who speak out to a world,

From my beginning, the sounds of children crying in pain.

I’ve listened to a mother and father who have said to me many things,

The blast of bombs dropping, gunfire in the night.

Laughter from those the happy ones, at peace with themselves,

Echoes of victory from the bad that is done.

With words from their hearts, they sing out songs,

I listen with an ear, music of the world.

I listen to love, I’ve heard all the hate,

Sounds of a lifetime, my memory in time.

The sounds of a world so old, what do you hear.?

Keith Garrett

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