Think far back or just a few years if there was a season remembered,

I was a child when those first Summers played, a time not in my mind.

Places that I have lived have Summers that belong to them, what is remembered,

There have been many seasons of the heated time, some of the best in my life,

Do you remember a house and city you may have lived in as a child or teen,

Friends, running with the wind, full of energy as the days seemed to never end.

The best Summer of my life, the first one that has never been recalled to this day,

The best Summer of my life was the last Summer as a young boy with my dad.

When you are young it is that when school is out every Summer will be the best,

For me, there was a great place, some of the best Summers of my life, Yorba Linda,

I was ten when I moved there and for all those kids who did, do you remember the magic.?

The best Summer of my life is every Summer I awake to from beginning to end.

Keith Garrett


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