One whom dreams, through feelings Inside that make their way to the surface,

Thinking, always thinking about that which lives around us, possibilities of hope.

From the heart of a poet comes neverending thoughts and wishes spilled out,

With the skill and gift given to write from the heart, a pen moves with the hand.

The writing never has to stop as there are thoughts and scenes seen from a mind that dreams,

The heart of a poet lives In many a person and there are those who don’t yet see.

From me to you and every heart that has many stories to tell, from the heart of a poet.

Keith Garrett

12 thoughts on “THE HEART OF A POET

  1. Reblogged this on CRAZY LIFE and commented:
    Mr. Garrett got me, thankfully I realised I´m not alone. I live not in a “cool” life that I can walk to “these” people and talk about writing, just not. So in my head WordPress it is my familly of writers. The others…. it really bores me. And don´t ge me wrong, I had Jobs….. you name any and I had done, but I´m an artista, that´s my primary job.

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