The love of a dog, they want only to be cared about, they are loyal,

How Is It that one could hurt, kick, abuse mans best friend?

They don’t want to sleep outside In the cold, Winter rain,

Chained to a tree In the hot, Summer sun Is not a tasty treat.

Slapped and have a rock thrown at them when they don’t understand,

Yelled at and told to get out of here when they just wanted to show love.

They love their people, feed them a snack, scratch their warm, furry back,

Throw a ball and see them run In the sun till It’s time to go Inside.

When It’s suppertime they’re ready to help, part of the family,

Time to relax, they have their spot, In the chair with you,

On the floor next to a fire, a dog has feelings too.

Watch a T.V. show with you, that’s what a dog will do,

Time to go to bed! they love their people, goodnight.

Keith Garrett



  1. When I see strangers abusing their dog I shout at them to stop hurting them. The strangers ignore me, but I still say, “Why are you abusing your dog?! They’re the only one that’ll love and stay with you!” Then I send good energy to the dog and I sense that the dog appreciates it. Abusive people should never be allowed to have children or pets.

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