This world of mine was at one time much larger to these eyes,

When all at once that which is out there made me start to hide.

Not knowing that somewhere deep inside there was a pain not described,

Slowly I started to run from myself but there was no escape from the monster,

I will not call it he or she as it deserves no respect for the damage it does to my soul.

Once i could run anywhere, travel the roads feeling so light on my feet, how sweet,

A clear mind free from the invisible suffering that man has put a name upon.

There remains out there a piece of life, kept from myself by only me, I want to be free,

Keeps me does it from wandering, seeing the beauty of the land as I can only dream.

Trapped inside, wishing a large part of me did not have to hide from what can not be described,

A haunting worse than any physical hurt that can be felt, it eats you up from within.

It follows you like your shadow, fear that holds no definition from a book or mouth,

Trapped inside as there’s a powerful will to survive, no miracles as I’ll make it through.

Keith Garrett


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