Discarded, locked away as if they matter no more,
Their lives are precious, are they valued as once before.
At times not anymore, they were at a time young and full of life,
Listened to and heard by those around, family and friends may be gone.
It just might do us all good to think about growing old but not alone,
Would we want to be cast away, said goodbye to and put away one day.
Why are they put away, Do they become useless or a burden to society.?
It’s forgotten that wisdom and much still to offer lives inside them, they matter.
The day will soon enough appear when we will become they, don’t put us away,
Why are they put away, they decay when life is taken from them, they speak so listen carefully.

Keith Garrett

8 thoughts on “WHY ARE THEY PUT AWAY?

  1. Good questions. In some cultures old people are respected for their experience and wisdom. When I was young I looked up to adults, but today young people think they know best.

  2. This is so well done, and reflects a real fear I have since I just turned 67 last Thursday, and am entirely alone–which was fine when I was still young and “fit”; I’m not lonely or bored, I just don’t want to be put away.

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