There have been times in my life when I have stumbled, fallen,

I have always picked myself up and endured what has happened.

I have wandered in the dark many times in my life, not in the physical sense,

At times lost and alone was I as a child growing up, a sense of fear filled me.

Being shy, not very big as there were bullies of the world lurking in the shadows,

Wandering in the dark as I could not see the possibilities or answers all around me.

To be strong mentally, to achieve by pushing on, overcome obstacles never so great,

When you can understand that you need not fear another man as he like you is of flesh and blood,

Stand strong just as once a man of flesh and blood stood for what he believed, possibly some fear.

To wander in the dark comes in many forms, to find the light, see it, takes a little wisdom, strength,

And a belief in yourself that you are as important, special, and faith will guide you by the hand.

Keith Garrett


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