Let’s walk, we’ll see, and dream,

Do you see the mountains that touch the sky,

Do you dream that they’ll always stand so high.?

Look at the clouds that pass on by casting shadows,

See the clouds, see and dream.

Walk with me into the forest, do you see the animals moving,

Dream that nature will survive, dream the animals will forever be.

Upon the sand, we stand looking out at the horizon,

See the waves before your eyes, will the ocean forever be.?

The sun will rise, away go the shadows and darkness,

Watch as the sun rises, do you see, dream that it will rise each day.

When the sun sets, a full moon will glow tonight,

Tell me you see the moon in the sky,

Dream the moon will never die.

The snow sets upon the ground, we see it fall all around,

Together let’s dream the snow we’ll always see.

Do you see the trees dance in the wind, see the trees,

The wind we can not see, dream that the trees and wind will never leave.

Walk with me, see, and dream.

Keith Garrett


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