I guess that I don’t quite understand what’s been happening to our world,

We’re In It Together, none of us can run away and hide from the destruction.

Everything Is taken for granted as If we are owed something from somewhere,

One man Is waiting for the next to take care of the problems that exist.

I think at times we all try to hide and close our eyes to make it go away,

Our world is being destroyed for money, the mighty dollar Is evil In a bad hand.

There is so much wrongdoing from one side of the globe all the way around,

The world is not bad, those who do not care, the ones who will do anything for a dollar

Are the bad, Pollution, crime, and corruption are destroying God’s beautiful creation.

He rests out there somewhere watching as we slowly fade away one day,

There is much more to say but we can’t escape ourselves until our day to go away.

Keith Garrett



  1. Good piece, Keith. Yes, there is so much bad out there, but I would say it seems like it’s everywhere because of the two extreme kind of people – the very rich who just want to stay in power and the very poor who will rise above their situation by hurting others. All the ones in the middle (and I’d say there are more of them than the extremes), do their best to be “in it with everyone.” So there’s hope that the ones in the middle will have enough to cure the ills of our world.

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