It started with a dream, I came upon a black dog in the dark,

I could not move as a fool In the rain I was standing in my mind.

A great book was opened In the beginning, It spoke of a stairway to heaven,

I’m lost In sleep where the black mountain side appeared before me.

Visiting me on this night was a black countrywoman with a whole lotta’ love,

She would guide me out on the tiles where the ocean could be seen and dreamed.

In the evening we watched before our eyes, the Battle of Evermore as It was,

Many a man stepped up to the Gallows Pole, this would be their Wanton song.

I take you on a great journey, Thank you as the Immigrant song echoes from the sky,

What Is and what should never be remain a mystery, Life can be a heartbreaker.

While we are asleep could It be we are all taken on a Night flight? Good times, bad times,

You shook me but I did not wake, a search for the Houses of the holy In a dream.

I take you on a great journey, over the hills and far away,

To a magnificent place, where there lies a Stairway to Heaven.

Keith Garrett


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