We have our yesterday, a life growing up,

As a child, life can be the hardest lesson.

Painful memories, scars that carry into our tomorrow,

The good times with family, brothers, and sisters we know.

In our past, our close by yesterday as adults,

We have grown and changed, hopefully for the good.

So as children or adults, as long as we are alive,

There will be a today, a yesterday, and a tomorrow.

We dream of the future, these thoughts we have today,

Don’t cry for yesterday, remember it, cherish that part of your life.

You made through good times or bad,

Lessons that taught us, let us not today forget that which we’ve learned.

We are born, we have life, and ultimately we do die,

In between are given an experience to see this world

That we truly don’t understand.

So, don’t cry for yesterday.

Keith Garrett

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