The forest, the hills’, and the desert traveled,

These three, these men of faith will be challenged.

Where do I go, alone will I know, asks the first seeker,

I’ll take the first road, I’ll find my way to the forest.

The way home for me will be found, we’ll meet in a place,

The forest will show me many things, a search so beautiful.

It’s time for me to go, my road has been chosen,

I’ll make my way into the hills’, these words spoken.

We will come together once more, somewhere in time,

Travel I will into the quiet hills’ of discovery, a road taken.

Fore the third wandering man will journey across the desert,

A road meant for only he, unbelievable scenes to his eyes.

The desert will teach this alone man lessons of the heart,

His way home will be hard fought, they will find the same road.

Three roads taken, three men walk a path alone,

In the end, they will stand together in the hills’, the forest,

And in the desert, these men of three will never find again

This home but all will be as one, they will find their way home.

Keith Garrett

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